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Egg Credit Card

The Egg Credit Card seems to have some great balance transfer deals, best balance transfers?

This is the main notes as I see it:-

Take control of your money with 0% from Egg Card.

0% interest on balance transfers until 1 April 2007 (plus 2.5% fee).

0% on purchases until 1 April 2007.

0% anniversary offer on balance transfers for up to five months (plus 2.5% fee).

After your 0% offers end you’ll pay our standard variable rate, currently 16.9%pa.

All the above is subject to terms and conditions.

Other benefits:-

Plus Great deals and discounts at selected retailers.

Paperless application process - faster, easier and hassle-free.

Online servicing 24 hours a day, every day.·

No annual fee

Interest-free grace period Pay your outstanding balance off in full each month and benefit from an interest-free period of up to 45 days on all purchases.

For cash advances and balance transfers you'll be charged interest from the date of the transaction.

Convenient balance transfers You can transfer balances online at any time from existing credit or store cards, loans or overdrafts, or balances that your second cardholder has elsewhere. A handling fee of 2.5% will be applied to balance transfers made in your introductory balance transfer period (except where we tell you otherwise).

Free purchase in transit protection For items costing more than £25 you're covered, for up to £1,000 per item, if your purchases get damaged, lost or stolen before you get them home, or for up to 30 days, whichever comes first.

Free travel accident insurance Pay for all or part of your fare using your Egg Card and you'll have the benefit of free personal travel accident insurance. This valuable protection pays a lump sum if you, your partner or your dependant children suffer accidental death or serious injury while travelling.

Internet shopping guarantee Whenever you shop with your Egg Card online, we guarantee you'll be covered against any fraudulent transactions carried out without your consent, whatever the amount. Active fraud monitoring. And should you ever fall victim to fraud on your Egg Card, you can rest safe in the knowledge that you'll have a dedicated case manager to help you through the whole process and to explain what's happened and how it can be avoided in the future.

Cash advances If you hold another Egg account when you take out an Egg Card, you won't pay our cash advance handling fee. Otherwise, you'll pay a handling fee of 2.5% of the withdrawal amount (minimum fee £2). From 19 October 2006 this will be 3% (minimum fee £3). For cash advances there’s a yearly interest rate of 22.9% pa (variable).

Paper statement You can request a paper statement. We charge a fee of £2 per statement for this service. §

The minimum payment is the full outstanding balance if less than £5, but otherwise the greater of (1) £5 or (2) 2% of the Revolving Balance or (3) interest plus repayment protection premium; plus £5 or 2% of each Transferred Balance.