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Marbles Credit Card

Marbles Credit Card Explained

This is what Marbles say on their website ‘Here's where we give you the low-down on the marbles credit card.It's got devilishly low rates. It's also really easy to manage because you can sort out your account online whenever you like the middle of the night if you want to.’

Looks like this is the deal:-

Credit card with 0% per annum fixed for 12 months from account opening on balance transfers (subject to their terms).

You can choose what your marbles card looks like.

Up to 56 days interest-free credit on purchases (but not on balances you switch over or cash advances).

You can manage your account online.

Other notes:-

Interest-free period Up to 56 days for purchases when you pay your balance in full every month by the due date. There is no interest free period for Balance Transfers or Cash Advances.

Cash Advances - interest is always charged from the date of each transaction until paid in full.

Balance Transfers - interest is always charged from the date of each transaction until paid in full.

Minimum Credit limit £250, maximum credit limit subject to status


Annual Fee is £0.00.

Charges 2.5% handling fee (minimum £3.00) of the amount of each cash advance (includes cash withdrawals and purchases of foreign currency and travellers cheques), we will charge a fee of 2% of the amount of each Balance Transfer (minimum £5), 2.75% administration charge on non-sterling transactions, a fee of £5 to stop a cheque, first statement date change is free, subsequent changes £10, copy vouchers £5 and copy statements £5.

Default charges - £12 if you exceed your credit limit- £12 if you pay late- £12 if a cheque for a Balance Transfer is returned unpaid- £12 if any payment is returned unpaid- £12 if we serve a Default Notice