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Norwich Union - Identity Theft Protection

In partnership with CPP, Norwich Union offers comprehensive Identity Theft Protection cover to all of its customers. For just 4.99 a month, this type of insurance protects the good standing of your bank accounts, your credit cards and your credit rating. Norwich Union will alert you if someone tries to steal your identity; if a thief succeeds, Norwich Union will help you reclaim your good name.

Restoring your identity can prove costly; the legal fees alone can cost thousands of dollars. If you are ever the victim of identity theft, Norwich Union will pay you up to 50,000 to cover the expense of restoring your identity. When you purchase Identity Theft Protection, you will have access to your own personal identity theft expert; his confidential advice and expertise will help guide you through the process of restoring your identity.

You can claim up to 200 to recover the cost of replacing your stolen passport and driving license. And Norwich Union also keeps details of your valuable documents - like your passport - on file. If these documents are ever lost or stolen, you can use the details on file as proof that your documents have been registered.

You will also receive a credit report alert by e-mail or SMS if any suspicious activity occurs on your credit report. To monitor your credit rating, and to ensure that it reflects only your financial activities, you can view your Experian credit report online anytime, free of charge. And if you are at high risk of identity theft, Norwich Union will place a protective registration warning with CIFAS, the UK Fraud Protection Service, on your behalf.